I love Animals and they love me because I believe in them as my guide-healer and teacher.   How did I arrive to this place?

It took years for me to remember my childhood fascination with Nature/Wildlife.  I big transition from the Bay Area to the Rainforest helped me rediscover my kinship with the Wild.

When I stopped and noticed that most all animals have an intuitive self knowledge of who they are empowered me to find my rhythms with nature.  The don’t apologize, nor care if I like them or not.  This neutrality feeds me and opens my world to a dialogue beyond our humanity that encourages me to be a better human being.

It is natural, organic and magical witnessing the daily behavior of animals, especially those furry creatures that roam wild in their natural habitat.  Hence, my love for Costa Rica!  The lush, green, bio-diversity of CR is what helps me socialize my western mind with my ancient feet.  I am like a kid in a wildlife candy store, dipping my being into another flavor of nature, wondering what juicy morsel of sweet goodness will I experience next?

There is so much to learn, live and share just by being a part of the whole, the rich enormous community among  the Wild is the sacred I was missing within, most all my life!  No more… No less… Just being me… Walking in my authentic humanity into the Natural World!  If you have not experienced this type of kinship with Animals, it is never too late to start!

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