Being One with All Things!   There is nothing more rewarding then standing on sacred land and feeling the Medicine underneath my feet!  YES– a necessary daily practice in staying healthy- harmonious and sustainable with the rest of the Planet!

I truly feel this way every time I slow down and choose to listen beyond my Humanity!  My God, after all the years of striving to improve my body/mind/spirit to be more then I truly am.  I have arrived into the Still Zone!  Oh yes, very much like the chill zone but with higher intentions.  Breathing into Nature is my new drug!  No hang overs or disappointments– Just Pure Bliss!  Here are some questions I ask myself when I feel stressed and anxious:

Am I in a hurry, once again?  If yes, for what?
Where am I going anyways?
What is there to figure out REALLY?
Why do I need approval on how to live my life?
So what if I don’t have all the answers?
Is it important for me to accomplish it all in one day?
Or even a lifetime– what if I don’t accomplish anything?
Does it really matter if I do– or don’t?

All these questions and more keep our humanity awake at night and disturbed throughout the day! Isn’t it time we just let it all go and realize all we need is right here– underneath our feet? The time is now–the sacred hoops of ancient wisdom are inviting us to re-connect powerfully with the Natural World,  if you have not done so already?  This is all that matters and by all Indigenous Rights- Natural Law All we truly need!

If you feel the Call and need some assistance in finding your feet, in connection with the Earth, make an appt in Healing Mother Earth


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