Healing Our Mother Earth is growing!  Our newest leaf?  Holistic Medical Tourism in the Rainforest of Costa Rica, Central America.  My goal in creating this branch of work inside HOME, Healing Our Mother Earth is to create a pathway for Women to traverse to the Rainforest to enhance her inner beauty, Holistically! Whether you come to Central America to heal your insides or improve your outsides, all work generated from HOME  is the most non-invasive holistic avenues to strengthen Mind-Body-Spirit within, crossing geographical borders into our Global Collective Circle of Sisters around the World.

With the ongoing uncertainty of Health Care in Developing Countries such as US, Canada and Europe, there is a much needed demand to find the access for Medical/Dental Care in Countries such as Costa Rica. What makes Costa Rica a leading destination for Medical Tourism is the Economic savings in traveling abroad, receiving high quality treatments while visiting the happiest country on the Planet.

What I offer:

Holistic Medical Guide
Medical Tourism Constultant
Body Work/Energy Therapy/Reiki Master

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The following list compiles the most common specialties and procedures.

Dentists: implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures
Plastic surgeons: plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery
General surgeons: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve
Orthopedic surgeons: hip, knee, and shoulder replacements
Dermatologists: laser removals, Botox

Costa Rica’s doctors and dentists offer a number of other procedures. To learn more about what is medically available in Costa Rica, please visit HuliHealth’s directory of procedures.


Savings and Costs

One of the best things about traveling to Costa Rica for medical care is that you save money without cutting quality. On average, medical tourists save 40-70 percent by getting a procedure done in Costa Rica. For example, a dental crown in the U.S. typically costs around $1,000, while in Costa Rica it is $500; a dental implant runs around $3,000 in the U.S. and is $900 in Costa Rica. With more serious medical work, the price goes up and the savings are larger.

The following list will give you an idea of how much some procedures cost.
Procedure Cost in United States Cost in Costa Rica

Porcelain crown/bridge $1,050 $350
Veneers $1,250 $350
Dental implant $3,000 $1,000
Root canal $800 $315
Teeth whitening $700 $250
Crowns $1,000 + per tooth $400 +
Breast augmentation $5,000–$8,000 $3,000 +
Facelift $7,000–$9,000 $4,500 +
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) $6,000–$8,500 $4,000 +

In addition to the cost of the procedure, there are other costs that should be considered. Flights from the U.S. or Canada to San José typically run around $400-$700 (flying from Canada is usually more expensive). A mid-range hotel for two people will cost around $115–$140 a night.

In-country transportation costs are extremely variable and depend on if (and where) you plan to travel after your procedure. If you plan to spend a week in Costa Rica and visit popular destinations like Arenal, Monteverde or Manuel Antonio, a shared shuttle will cost around $40 per person. Private transportation is a bit more expensive and is around $150 for your own van and driver.
Food expenses are usually around $30–$50 per person each day. Taking a few tours will also increase the cost of a trip.

All that said, in most cases it is still more economical to travel to Costa Rica for medical procedures than it is to have them done at home. In fact, many travelers save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Travelers often come to Costa Rica for more than one procedure – for example, your dental work might require four dental implants, which can include crowns, a sinus lift and a bone graft. Some people combine a tummy tuck with a breast lift, or liposuction with breast implants. The list of potential combinations is huge.

In addition to saving money, there are other advantages that medical tourists should consider.

Statistics and Medical Tourism Information from ANYWHERE COSTA RICA 



Do you struggle with slowing down and being still?  Are you stressed and anxious all te time?  The serene sounds of Nature always slow me down to a quiet affirmation of acceptance and love every time I STOP and LISTEN for the rejuvenating creations of all that thrives in Nature:

— rolling rivers
— wind blowing through trees
— flowers blooming into the air
— gentle waves streaming through my veins
— the natural sounds of wildlife singing in my ears
— inhaling pure golden sunlight/moonlight
— exhaling all my worries and frustrations to the divine

No one person or group of human beings can heal more naturally then being completely amerst with our Sacred Mother Earth. If you are in the wonder of it all? Healing Mother Earth is the work to experience to be awakened to her miraculous teachings!

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Slow Down and Listen ~ Mother Earth and the Animals have something to say to Us!– Healing Mother Earth (Mission Statement)

If you don’t think that animals have something profound and healing to offer our Humanity– Well now– sounds like you need some quality time connecting with Animals intentionally?  You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate and respect our four-legged/winged ones/creatures large and small?  Animal Medicine is an Intuitive philosophy for living– a sacred path that honors all leaving things as an holistic web of healing. The ones who know this best are our Indigenous Chief’s-Sundancer’s-Water Pourer’s and Elder’s of the Native American’s.  My passion is to be a bridge-interpreter and mirror to assist you back toward the kinship with Animals– Great and Small!

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Being One with All Things!   There is nothing more rewarding then standing on sacred land and feeling the Medicine underneath my feet!  YES– a necessary daily practice in staying healthy- harmonious and sustainable with the rest of the Planet!

I truly feel this way every time I slow down and choose to listen beyond my Humanity!  My God, after all the years of striving to improve my body/mind/spirit to be more then I truly am.  I have arrived into the Still Zone!  Oh yes, very much like the chill zone but with higher intentions.  Breathing into Nature is my new drug!  No hang overs or disappointments– Just Pure Bliss!  Here are some questions I ask myself when I feel stressed and anxious:

Am I in a hurry, once again?  If yes, for what?
Where am I going anyways?
What is there to figure out REALLY?
Why do I need approval on how to live my life?
So what if I don’t have all the answers?
Is it important for me to accomplish it all in one day?
Or even a lifetime– what if I don’t accomplish anything?
Does it really matter if I do– or don’t?

All these questions and more keep our humanity awake at night and disturbed throughout the day! Isn’t it time we just let it all go and realize all we need is right here– underneath our feet? The time is now–the sacred hoops of ancient wisdom are inviting us to re-connect powerfully with the Natural World,  if you have not done so already?  This is all that matters and by all Indigenous Rights- Natural Law All we truly need!

If you feel the Call and need some assistance in finding your feet, in connection with the Earth, make an appt in Healing Mother Earth