About Alida


Welcome HOME to  Healing Our Mother Earth

Alida is a Curator of Sacred at HOME. As well, Alida brings to her Healing Practice her formal education in Global Health while socially architecting the mysterious Medicine of Feminine, a Midwife to Midlife, Storytelling beyond the shadows of Corporate America and her mission in being a passionate Translator to Animal/Nature.  The Mayan would call her a Technician to Sacred.  Alida innovatively weaves Earth Education, Animal Medicine, Ritual, Ceremony and Movement to her practice. These are just a few of her gems that she passionately values while holding space for those to find their feet and drop down into self.

Plain and simple?

Alida  loves dirt and devotes her everyday life, whether at work or play, for the Natural World! Some, in Costa Rica, know her as the Medicine Walking Monkey Whisperer, roaming the Rainforest on her Bamboo Bike!  Others call her China Loca Natural!

Native born to San Francisco, CA.  After her 5th birthday Alida recalls, vaguely, uprooting from urban life to San Jose, CA. Alida’s childhood playground, once a vast landscape of picket fences along dirt roads called “The Valley of Heart’s Desire”.  San Jose, in the sixties, was such a drastic shift from the Streets of San Francisco! Everything in the South Bay was green, growing and full of life until the Silicon Valley took it over!

Calling back to early  memories Alida remembers playing with the most extraordinary creatures: earthworms, spiders, caterpillars, polliwogs and anything else she could get her innocent, yet, dirty hands on!  She could never get enough of Nature- always climbing trees, chasing butterflies and catching frogs! For a lengthy and lonely period of her youth (12 to late 20’s) Alida lost her footing in Nature.

Making money, shopping malls and clubbing her 20’s away took over her life and her earthly desires to play with Mother Earth evaporated into the high rises of computer technology.  When she hit 30, and boy did she hit thirty rock bottom, Alida knew everything had to change, immediately!  Once she surrendered to the catastrophic call for change, clarity awakened inside of her and she heard, “Return to Nature!”

Back to the DIRT on January 2, 1993

Fun in the SunYes, the reunion with the earth has been an extraordinary experience for Alida.  Creating a canvas of a well balanced life is her greatest gift to her community.  Very quickly, upon her childlike return to nature she quickly rediscovered the authentic natural rhythms with Plant and Animal that infused a mirror within herself to generate sacred living.

The foundation for Alida’s work as a Body Therapist, Energy Motivator and Reiki Master, start and end with the Natural World. Alida’s insatiable appetite for wild started in the Talamanca Rainforest overlooking the Pacuare River (December 25, 2003)  A primal union with the Lungs of the Universe was conceived at H.O.M.E *Healing Our Mother Earth*

Alida is all about SHE – Sacred Healing Expeditions

From individuals to groups and organizations in between,  Alida spans the globe to share HOME in her most authentic and earth based ways.  Everything she does encourages a deeper reflection into the natural environment, facilitating a joyful wholesome acceptance toward self, others and  our working relationship with our Global Economy.   Each day is an invitation to heal, restore and  reconcile differences within the Sacred Laws in Nature, a return to the Earth that initiates playful pathways for all who participate, giving back gracefully and fully to our Blessed Mother Earth.

The long term goal?

Breathe, Pray, Listen, Heal and Celebrate!  Every single day Alida dreams of more and more innovative ways to awaken the Inner Shaman, to explore the greatest adventure of all, knowing thyself at HOME, Healing Our Mother Earth and sharing this journey with others wherever you chooses to roam.

Feel free to contact Alida to set up your Sacred Healing Expedition!