The nature of being an evolved human being is to expand and grow, correct?   Unfortunately, in our quest in being greater than the previous generations, in our rapid expansion of modern civilization, we have come to discover the wreckage it has played on our human health  and our relationship with all things sacred within Animals and the Natural World. The damage is done! No turning back:  Yet, we can amend our past from over consuming behavior(s) by slowing down, changing our actions and giving back what has been taken!


What is REEF?

blessed medicine from our winged ones...The REEF (Red Earth Eco Forestry) Alliance of Synergetics, a newly developed Experiential Certification Program aimed to serve Individuals, Families, Farmers, Communities, Institutions and Corporations who are committed to preserving the Natural World.  We infuse the lost medicine of Ancient Technology in collaboration with Modern Living/ Sustainable Building Practices.

We Learn…  We Love… We Live with Nature… Alive and Well!

Seeking counsel, from the REEF, will bring us back HOME (Healing Our Mother Earth) To remember the way we used to thrive among wild, to respect all things harmonious; mountains, valleys, trees, rivers to oceans, into the inner cities, across the globe, is our highest priority.  To restore what is “supernatural” in being human is not psycho babble.  Very simply, to be “super natural”, in harmony with Planet Earth is “super sexy” and “super simple”.  It will require a revolutionary return to our primal nature. From this primitive place everything we reinvent and recycle is a restorative journey to Return to the Natural World.

We do this in three specific ways:

—  Slow down our individual and collective humanity.
—  Integrate Ancient Technology with Modern Living and Building
—  Educate humans to learn, live and love, in total respect to Nature/Wildlife.

Do you desire to learn and live the Way of the Ancient Warrior?  

If so, The REEF is the sustaiable resource to guide you through a curriculum to reinvent self, build homes, schools and businesses generating life from the Peaceful Warrior within, remembering the sacred partnership with the Natural World is our highest priority.   Mother Earth the Institution. Wildlife our wise and loyal Professors.  Nature and Animal lead the way to our highest primal potential(s), devoted and loyal Educators…

Speaking of Teachers?

197355_1007633953069_9992_nSo many, along the path, have inspired me to create this Intuitive Institution for Living. To push our Humanity into the wisdom of the wild breaks all the social laws. To develop a practical spiritual curriculum that navigates humans away from the brain and into our hands and feet, honors sacred law.  We are so excited to meet all challenges that okay arise to make REEF available to you and yours…

To those who accept the challenge and desire to learn and live from The REEF?

This is the places where we generate an authentic working knowledge to remember the Intuitive Way. We build from an awakened  spirit of service and heal through radical innovation.  The Magical Expedition is in motion into the Sacred World.

Best part of this process?

To dive deep into the REEF requires Power, Passion and Purpose!  In short, REEF is an invitation to explore, play and learn to build your wildest dreams sustainably in the way of the conscious Warrior. Below are a few of my mentors doing it right, who inspire me each day to create this Magical Expedition “Into The REEF”:

The Biodynamic Foundation
Jon Young (UVC Masters Program Of Sustainable Leadership)
Anna Breytenbach — The Animal Communicator Documentary
Lakota Country Times
Standing Rock
The Healing Art of Feng Shui
Healing Our Mother Earth

Fill out the information below and get your registration packet Inside the REEF: