Wish List

I am a true believer in dreams coming true.  None of which is possible without saying what you want.  The more life you bring to the Dream the greater chances these dream(s) get actualized.  Today (August 8, 2017), the day I declare “The Dream”, is one of the most powerfully light days of the year.  No better day then today to build HOME on the Range (The green print to PROJECT REEF) into the LIGHT!

In Numerology this is the Day of 8
In Astrology this is a Lunar Eclipse
In Mayan Astrology here is the Prayer for 8-8-2017

If we call to the Earthology for this day, August 8, 2017, is the best day to activate our wildest dreams.  Why?  When you add up the entire numeric date of this day it breaks down to 8.  And if you read up on the numerology of this day, coupled with the lunar eclipse how can we not move this mission into form.  So here we go…

make a wish

Below is our Wish List to make PROJECT REEF a sustainable sacred success:


Copy Machine
Office Desk/Chair
Vision Board


Shelf linings
Ceiling Fans (3)
Sheet Rock (2 for wall repair in Pilla)
Paint and Supplies (Ceiling and Outside House)
Solar Panels to run completely off grid

Organic Garden:

(4) Geraniums
(4) Hydrangea
(2) Giant Bougainvillea
Mango Tree
Lemon Tree
Avocado Tree
Bamboo Fencing
Herbs/Seeds for Medicinal Garden
Tubing for Compost Water Heating System
Stones for Medicine Wheel (Yellow, Red, Black, White)

We need Animal/Nature loving Humans to help us build the Dream!

If you are an Earth Healing Dreamer like myself or desire a life compassed by Ancient Technology and not sure how to navigate change to shift toward the Planet, willing and able to donate your passion, inspiration, resources and/or time contact us by going to the homepage at HOME and:

Pay It Forward My Peeps