I do my very best to empower all those who come to me to step outside what you know (mentally-physically-spiritually) and heal!  At HOME we start from the feet and work our way up!  Whether bodywork, energy healing and/or ritual and ceremony, I spend my days creating sacred ways for individuals/groups and organizations to drop down and drop in.

We work with the bio-diversity within the Natural World. Nature is our the map toward self, opening pathways beyond what we already know to better understand your highest self and learn how to lead from everything that grows authentically from the Earth.  If this doesn’t make sense to you,  you are in the right place!  We, creatures from the modern world, have lost the Sacred Art in Living Wild. Hence, my passion to bring this work into our social narratives of domestic despair, to change the conversation we’ve been telling ourselves and each other.

There is always a place, in the natural world, for us to work together, heal our past, be available for today and imagine the gifts for our future! Do you desire such a connection? Are you willing to open the door and step into the Natural World?   If so, “Let your Inner Nature Heal with Mother Nature” @ HOME (Healing our Mother Earth)

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