If your a person who feels overwhelmed by the circumstances in your life and/or around you, perhaps you need to kick your shoes off, take a little time out and plant your feet on the Earth like seedlings in the Rainforest?  Every day, at any given moment, we can start our life all over again!

Imagine a life led by this prayer as your truth?  Well,  I do… and you can, too!

The Shamans, Water Pourer’s, Sundance Chiefs and Elders of South Dakota (Lakota Sioux) believe that Life is a Ceremony.  Whether, alone or in community, ritual and ceremony can be a part of your daily life.   Don’t wait until another birthday comes around to celebrate you and all that you bring to the world!

Reggae in the Rainforest with the UPeace (2008)

Reggae in the Rainforest with the UPeace (2008)

Come, bring yourself, a friend or a whole community of loved ones. Let the natural world and all that surrounds Studio BE guide you in generating ritual, ceremony and abundance in your daily life… TODAY!

If it is not possible for you to come to Studio BE in the Rainforest I will gladly traverse the road least traveled to you and yours!

Contact Alida to create a Personal Ritual and/or Community Ceremony


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