Animal Medicine



“Once again I am sending my voice to all Nations upon Mother Earth, those who can hear my sincerity with their hearts – – unite together at our Sacred Sites creating an energy shift of a great healing on this June 21st. We need to see and listen to the wamakas¹ka (the animals) who are more than ever now showing their sacred color of white, there are so many. This color represents the direction of when physical life now goes into the spirit journey. They are trying to warn us to pay attention to our responsibilities as a Global Nation. In order to protect the remaining sacredness that is trying to survive upon Mother Earth, which includes our own children, we now have no choice but to unify and make positive decisions together.”

— Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Our Chief of the Great Nations, (Lakota-Dakota-Nakota) Arvol Looking Horse, is calling us forward to work with our four legged-winged ones and creatures large and small! Do you know your animal totem?  Do you connect well with certain animals and recoil against others?  Do you know the significance with each animal and what it has to teach us? There are so many questions we (humans) have with the wild because our Humanity has been separate from the Natural World for a very long time.

For 15 years I have been working with Ted Andrews, Animal Speak/ Nature Speak.  His work has paved a way to help guide me back to the Medicine found in the Natural World.  I found Nature to be the most effective resource for Health, Healing and Harmony; an effortless simplicity to true authenticity.  Feet on Earth, eyes wide open, breathing fresh air, meditating, listening and learning beyond our humanity is available to us all.  If you are interested in building your connection with Animals and/or Nature you can do so in several ways:

Animal Tarot Reading   $25  for 30 minute reading ($45 for one full hour)
Animal Totem- (9) Direction Reading   $235   (Two 3 hour sessions)
Medicine Walk in Nature  $50  per hour  ($20 extra for each 1/2 hour)

**Contact Alida to set up an appointment or inquire more information about Animal Medicine/Reiki-Energy Healing