Perhaps it is time, if you have not done so already, to let Nature heal you from the inside-out? Often, we may try to fit Nature in our hurried and busy world.  HOME works in the opposition.  The path HOME starts from within and guides you into being a part of the Whole-istic Natural World.  This way of living life may be a first for some.  To embrace the philosophy, starting from the inside, working outward, into our work, community and world, sounds a bit risky.  Taking  risk;

Isn’t that the fun of it all? Isn’t the risk, to change, what makes life so exciting?

There isn’t enough to say or do regarding my devotion toward MOTHER EARTH. As grand as she is, as bountiful as she continues to be, never does she disappoint me!  I can sit, walk, ride, swim, fly, hike, raft, dance, run, jump for joy or dive deep into her medicine and my mind-body and spirit never get tired of her mystery.

With all this freely available at my fingertips and toes, I find nothing more powerfully healing then sitting/praying with Nature! Stillness among the sounds of habitat beyond humanity, which had been so difficult for me before, visuals and sensations within our Natural World, are the many millions of magical elixirs to calm the active soul.

Let your Inner Nature Heal with Mother Nature.  The greatest adventure you will ever have is accepting who you are! She is waiting for you to remember her ancient ways.  You can always return to what you know, previous to your re-connection with Divine, if this all feels a bit overwhelming!  Who knows really? Why not take on something new, different and organically dynamic?  Take a leap of faith and meet me on the wild side of life, where the authentic roam free!  I will guarantee you a pilgrimage you will always remember!

Are you ready for the Ultimate Healing Adventure.  Contatct Alida  HERE!


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