Guayabo National Monument

It is my personal opinion and experience, traversing Guayabo National Monument (13 times) over the past 13 years, Guayabo is the 8th Wonder of the World!  This sacred site known to National Geographic has a hidden city below the Earth with a free flowing aqua-duct that is still operating as it was created thousands of years ago!  Guayabo sits quietly and humbly between two Volcano’s (Irazu and Turrialba) Today once a dormant volcano for over 110 years  Volcan Turrialba is active and ready to irrupt   This has been going on for the last year while on the other side of the country Volcan Arenal famous for all tourist has gone dormant

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I had no idea, until last year, the first two years I lived in CR I was 40 minutes walking distance to the Monument.  I would drive 90 minutes down to Turrialba and up the other side of the Volcano to get to Guayabo.  How ironic and serendipitous.  I had no clue which makes the Monument all the more miraculous and sacred.

When people ask me “Where should I visit when I come to Costa Rica?” Always and forever my first response is “Guayabo National Monument”. Something magical and powerful is happening here on the Eastside of Costa Rica and I believe many are here to traversing explore and witness the miracle of this sacred land!

Tour of Guayabo  $35  (per person)
Tour and Medicine Walk  $55 (per person)
Overnight Healing Adventure in Guayabo  $85 (per person)

** (Overnight Healing Advenfure includes; tour-accommodations-dinner-breakfast-butterfly farm and medicine walk)

** As well, price may vary, subject to change, depending on how many people you have for the trip?

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