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“However we resolve the issue in our individual homes, the moral challenge is, put simply, to make work visible again: not only the scrubbing and vacuuming, but all the hoeing, stacking, hammering, drilling, bending, and lifting that goes into creating and maintaining a livable habitat. In an ever more economically unequal world, where so many of the affluent devote their lives to ghostly pursuits like stock trading, image making, and opinion polling, real work, in the old-fashioned sense of labor that engages hand as well as eye, that tires the body and directly alters the physical world tends to vanish from sight. The feminists of my generation tried to bring some of it into the light of day, but, like busy professional women fleeing the house in the morning, they left the project unfinished, the debate broken off in mid-sentence, the noble intentions unfulfilled. Sooner or later, someone else will have to finish the job.”

― Barbara EhrenreichGlobal Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy


The Call of the Wild 

I believe Ehrenreich’s work, stated above, are the roots of feminism, a call to action, reminding all women who we were and how we need to evolve with the environment.  More than ever before the voices of feminine is rising from the shackles of domestic despair.  This being the shift.  Women gathering globally, practicing artfully and building respectfully in harmony with Nature.  Earth, Fire, Air Water lead the way.  I am creating that next evolution from this shift of professional working women.

The Bridge

My life’s work is a powerful dance between what was and what can be, a passionate pathway between work and play, a Biodynamic Bridge between Corporation and the Natural World.  The work is in motion.  We are Women born to the Wild.  We are Entrepreneurial Women Growing INvestments Biodynamically.  We are a Digital Village called Wild Women 4Good


What does this mean to you?  Are you fascinated by our Global Vision?  Are you a woman who yearns to collaborate beyond humanity, into Nature, honoring all that inhabit the Natural World?   Are you open to learning how to rebuild your life in harmony with Nature and her Wildlife?


For more details on how to join our Wild Tribe of Thrive…  Warrior Women at Work and Play…

We Are Here 



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