NOVEMBER 25, 2017


Bringing you the Awakening of DEEP RENEWAL in the Center of the America’s Guided by the Four Directions of the Lakota Medicine Wheel:


Call of the Wild

With so much distress going on in the world, globally, whether inside our consuming humanity or externally toward the environment, we are being called to make changes, individually and collectively, right now! The Deep Renewal in Guayabo National Monument is the Call of the #wildwomen4good, a voluntary vision to bridge the First Deep Renewal of Wolf Dream Mountain (Mendocino Wilderness, CA) with the Ancient Technology of Guayabo National Monument, (CR, Central America) under the Sacred Lakota Pipe of Mato Te Pejuye Wakin Naji, Water Pourer/Sundancer of the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota.


Creation of Deep Renewal Costa Rica

At the time Alida Marie (Little One) offered tobacco to Mato and asked for permission to bring the Ceremony to Central America, the land of Wolf Dream Mountain (100 acres of Sacred Land) was in direct line to being burned down, in the Northern California Fires, (October 2017).  Simultaneously, rivers and oceans of Costa Rica swelled into the roar of Hurricane Nate and swept through Latin America, destroying so many homes, businesses and villages.  Between the hellish fires of Northern CA and the over excessive moisture of Latin America, it was clear that a Deep Renewal, inside the Center of the America’s was greatly needed and the Ceremony of Women was born, (October 31, 3017), on the four year anniversary of the unnecessary assassination to Theodora (200 yr old Grandmother Tree). If you wnat to listen to the stories of the Seven Sacred Sisters who came to give thanks, pray and heal with the Grandmother Tree:  CLICK HERE



Inside the Deep Renewal we will activate the doors between North, Central, South America.  The women who participate will bring medicine (earth) from their home, business and/or sacred land to create a Global Gifting Medicine Wheel.  IF you do not know what a Medicine Wheel is then this ceremony is for you.  Come join the gathering and learn how to live loyally with the Earth, Animal(s) and the Sacred Technology of Ancients.  For those who cannot participate with us on Thanksgiving weekend, we ask that you SEND YOUR PRAYERS HERE and we will activate your wishes inside 3000 years of active medicine in moving, thriving aqueduct, that need zero maintenance by man/women.   Below are the details of the Ceremony:


8:30 Arrival into Ancient World
9 AM  Opening Ceremony (Open Doors to Four Directions)
9:30 Introduction/ Prayer for Self, Others, Planet
10 AM What is a Medicine Wheel
11 AM Deep Renewal Animal Medicine Totem
12 PM Lunch
1 PM Medicine Walk into the Monument
2 PM Deep Renewal Medicine Wheel inside the Center of Guayabo
3 PM Closing Ceremony
4 PM Journey Back to Modern World



The Gift of the Deep Renewal

Upon setting the intention and prayer for the Ceremony in Guayabo my Grandmother (Lola) came to me in my dream and suggested I make a tangible call to Mato and ask two questions, “Have you talked with any of the 68 women who attended the  first Deep Renewal, last June, on Wolf Dream Mountain? If so, have you ever connected the Prayer of that Deep Renewal with the preservation of Wolf Dream Mountain from the fires of Northern California, last week?”  It was so evident, upon talking with Mato, that the ancient proverb “When sleeping women wake… Mountains move…” was actualized.  More so, when sleeping women wake, fires seize and move in the other direction.  Because of this grand collective ceremonial protection from 68 women, from many walks of life and diverse landscapes across the globe, the healing on Wolf Dream Mountain prevail  beyond disaster, into the Center of the America’s to generate…





COST: $55

United States
Costa Rica/International
~ $25 Deposit to Register ~